Killjoy Culture is a film, TV and pop culture blog for all film and TV lovers who want to find movies and shows that are representative, inclusive and actually good. With reviews of the buzziest releases and recommendations of the shows and movies you should be watching, Killjoy Culture will be here to keep you updated on the latest pop culture has to offer.

The blog is run by me, Nadia, a 21 year old History student from the UK currently living in Lyon, France. My love of film and TV started with my childhood obsession with Batman and Disney princesses, and I’ve grown into a lover of sci-fi, superheroes and well written female characters. I started this blog mostly because I love writing about pop culture, but also because I wanted to be able to contribute to conversations about representation in the entertainment world and among those who write about it, because I firmly believe representation is important and we deserve media that reflects that.

Make sure to check out all the latest posts and follow the blog so you don’t miss out on any new ones. I’m always looking for new shows and films to watch so please feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments and thank you so much for visiting Killjoy Culture!

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