Wonder Woman (2017)

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The world’s most iconic heroine finally gets a big screen solo outing in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman; a classic origin story that charts Diana’s journey to becoming Wonder Woman. Raised on Themyscira, an island populated exclusively by superhuman female warriors The Amazons, Diana has lived in complete isolation from ‘man’s world’ her whole life. That is until, American spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands on the island whilst fleeing German forces in the midst of World War One. When Steve warns the Amazons that German scientists have developed weapons that will add thousands more to the death toll of this brutal and devastating war, Diana is convinced the Amazon’s nemesis Ares – The God of War – is to blame. Determined to fulfil her duty as an Amazon and defeat Ares, Diana leaves Themyscira with Steve. Thrust into the world of man Diana’s idealism is tested, and she learns that this conflict may not be as black and white as she believed.  Continue reading